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Poems About Spiritual Growth

Obeying Rules
In every stage of life, there are rules to obey. A Christian should want to obey God's rules.
You, You, You, and You
Success comes with much hard work. You are thankful to God, but a niggling doubt appears and it seems ridiculously odd. Each morning brings a new day as you look into the mirror. There’s the thought again. What part have I left behind?
My Every Footstep
The Lord knows our every wandering footstep and will direct them back to Him!
Who is the missing part ?
Vices Come With Prices
Repenting of our sins and becoming Christians means that we need to totally surrender to God any vices that we may have.
Faith Restored
If you should wander He promises to retore your faith.
Go Does Not Mean Send
Many Christians do not take the great commission personally to go and witness, but they leave the witnessing to pastors or missionaries.
Open Up Your Eyes
Remember when a loved one put their hands over your eyes and you waited excitedly for the surprise? Eleven years ago I opened up my eyes to Jesus Christ, the grandest surprise of all!
All At Sea
Reach for the shore.