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Demented Days
A pastor’s wife that I know has a husband that had early onset of dementia. It progressed to where he had to resign his church. I admire her commitment to God and her husband in this difficult trial.

Though Troubles Appear
Have no fear though troubles appear

The Good and Bad of Covid-19
Covid brought misery to many but it also brought valuable lessons to some.

Glad To Be In God's Hands
Glad to be in God's Hands at all times

My Suffering Is Never For Nothing
God does not waste our sorrows.

Through the fire
This poem was inspired by 1 Peter 1:7: and 1 James: 2, 12. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself has told us, that every believer’s faith will be tested with fire.

Being in the will of God is a great blessing in the Christian walk but it is not always easy. We can be taken from the path too often and too easily. People worry about the future but our future is in the Lord's hands.

Without a Fear
God protects. Trust Him.

How do I Say Goodbye?
Seeking God's help in loosing a loved one

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