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No compromise
When faced with opposition, don't respond with sinful "pride". Simply refuse to compromise and let the Bible be your guide.

Look Up And See
Look up and see, don't stay down

Go Forward
Go forward, not back

Praying For Better Days
John 15:12 - This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you. Luke 11:1 - . . .Lord, teach us to pray. . . Read II Chronicles 7:14.

Only Today
The importance of not taking each day for granted, enjoying our daily walk with God and being prepared for what a day might bring.

Circumstances will turn around when we submit to and follow God

I didn't see that coming! All of us have experienced surprises. Perhaps it was a surprise birthday party, maybe a job promotion or even heartbreaking news from your doctor. Although Covid-19 was a surprise to all of us, it was no surprise to God!

Elijahs God is my God
Elijah is known for the fact that he often dealt with problems much like the rest of us. At times he failed to see God’s hand as the one in control. However, unlike many of us, he still chose to trust God even though he did not always understand God.

Finish The Race
Finish the race with full trust in God

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