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A Faded Portrait
Many people are suffering through dementia - a cruel disease. Many faithful servants are needing our prayers and support through this painful time. May we honor them by caring for them and listening to their cries for help.

Closer Than You Think
Sometimes we are in pain and are longing for a miracle. Take a careful look - as it may be closer than you think.

The Straight Path
A poem about how easily our paths diverge from the straight path.

When Butterflies Curse
Sometimes with eyes downcast it can seem all is against us! But when we lift our eyes to God it changes our perspective and we can see the beauty that surrounds us and know the blessing of His grace.

Describes how we question and look for a reason as to why God heals some people while others suffer.

Healing the Sunrise Blues
Time for us to embrace a brand new song. One that God has designed and one that brings healing and meaning to our lives

Be Watchful-Be Cautious
This poem is about temptation

Life can be a struggle and cause suffering for many, however, the Lord will help us through these times - "He does not ignore the cries of those who suffer" (Psalm 9:12, NLT).

Bring Back the Song
Describes the ongoing struggles and failures one has even after being saved and then seeking a new start and re-committing yourself to God and the Holy Spirit.

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