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Trials & Challenges Poetry

Placing My Trust in God Today
As I wrote this poem, I realized that placing my trust in God is not a one time thing. He offers that promise every moment, and in every situation.
by Annie B
When God Is There
All is well when God is there
Christ's Joy
All Christians have struggles, just carrying our cross is a struggle, but God is with us and counts us as good because of Jesus Christ in us.
The Time Has Come
The time has come to face the toughest challenge
My Liberty In Christ
When one is living on grace principals, it is easy to be misunderstood by self-righteous views,.
Upsetting Money Tables
A little different way of looking at things. Spiritually speaking. Jewelry really is not bad, neither is money.
Our Great Loss
A poem of grief and loss.
Mourning Damsel
A young lady in mourning.
Let Not Your Heart
Trust in the Lord