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Trials & Challenges Poetry

Temptation tries to find its way into your heart - Rebuke it and don't let it have its way. Fix your eyes upon the Lord and you won't go astray . . .

Asking God why when tragedy strikes

No Matter When!
In life as in poetry there is difficult rhymes and different times; but God is in them all! No matter what our story.

The Promise of Pain
We sometimes try to avoid pain instead of exploring its meaning. Sometimes pain can lead to growth and understanding - of God ourselves and importantly others

How Jesus sees past our imperfections and forgives . . . He mends our broken pieces . . . He is a friend to all."And he said unto her, Thy sins are forgiven."(Luke 7:48, KJV)

Soar High Above
In God's strength and Mercy

I Went to the Window to Pray
I would prayer daily at my window to help me through my toughest season. So, this poem is dedicated to anyone who needs hope to keep praying.

Depend On Christ
Depend on Jesus Christ

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