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No, not here...
Some reflections on our times...and places, and how faith conquers fear. Praying for healing and spiritual revival in our land!
It's Alright
It will be fine when with the Lord
From Dark To Bright
The Lord turns darkness into light
In Christ
Facing life trials in Christ
This is a poem to encourage the depressed.
When you are feeling all alone and no one seems to care. When you feel unimportant, and invisible. What we can do in our dessert times.
Repentance Road
A friend of mine has made a mistake and is having to work it through with Jesus. I was reminded of a time when I had to walk the road of repentance
by Royston
Placing My Trust in God Today
As I wrote this poem, I realized that placing my trust in God is not a one time thing. He offers that promise every moment, and in every situation.
by Annie B
When God Is There
All is well when God is there