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Trials & Challenges Poetry

The Last Duckling
Life is not fair- but the love from a Christian mom makes life bearable.
Oh, My Anxious Child
Let Jesus be the One to guard your heart and mind.
Thing's I Cannot Handle
God gives me a lot of things I cannot handle . . . so that I may call on His strength!
Lift Me Higher Lord
There are times when I just need God to lift me up!
The Thunderbolt of Fear
Watch out it will get you every time!
Despair to Peace
If you've ever felt down and alone, this poem's for you.
by AJQ
Oh, think of His pain and suffering ~ for us!
A Broken Heart
Jesus love the heart that is broken so that He may heal it ~
I'm Crossing Over
There is not a storm too strong that Jesus and I can't cross ~