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Filthy Rags
Pride is easy. Humility is hard! When I wrote this poem, I wasn't fond of what it was telling me about myself. So I can imagine how it makes others feel, hearing it, not from God own voice, but from a mere servant! Satan is found in anger.

Dying Breath finalist in poetry contest
We must never put off until tomorrow that which should be addressed today.

There is much expended effort in the Christian life and too much running around. God invites us to be still and see that He is there in every trial and storm of life. The Lord is our strength and support, so be still and know God's presence.

From His Throne
Victory from God's Throne

Good Enough
God teaches us differently. I was a proud agnostic before my NDE in 1992. I was a proud Christian after, elevating myself because of that NDE. But through my poetry, God called me out, and taught me through my own work. Once learned, I shared the lesson.

God’s Masterpiece first in poetry contest
A metaphor for life and the struggles therein, and how easy it is for those who don't know the truth, to fill in the blanks in their own favor.

The Tree stands strong in the Forest. The Christian stands strong in the face of trials and attack. Though wounded, hacked and sometimes chopped down, the strong roots ensure recovery,hope and re-growth.

Fear Knots Or Fear Nots
We have two choices when it comes to the spirit of fear, but God’s Word provides us with the true remedy.

But God, I Trust
Though the pain is great, I trust God

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