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The Center
A lesson about choices, and the effect they have on everyone around,

Sailing On! second in poetry contest
If life was like a ship...

The Next Phase
After many years of trying to reach a treasured friend for Jesus, he succumbed to his death. In mourning, I wrote this poem about my experience with him and how I was feeling at the time of his death.

Tears in Thy Bottle
Thou count my wanderings, put thou my tears into thy bottle. Are they not in thy book? Psalm 56:8 The Lord knows the number of hairs upon our head and He knows the number of tears we cry. There is nothing that goes unnoticed by Him.

Sometimes That’s What It Takes
Many people I know, myself included, came to God during a troubled time in their lives. God in His mercy sometimes will bring calamity our way to give us opportunity to turn to Him.

Calming the Tides
Calming the Tides is a sonnet that speaks of the constant hope and the sense of perspective that come with calling on Jesus Christ in times of trouble and turnbulence.

Take Shelter
When storms come we take shelter. Jesus is the only shelter from the wrath of God that is coming.

The Way Of Suffering
Sometimes it is God's will for us to suffer some things, but He always has a good reason for allowing it. May we continue to walk in trust during difficult times.

I have wrestled long with trying to make sense of mixed messages when it comes to what is and what is not essential. This poem captures some of that frustration we have all been dealing with.

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