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Different perception
Despair to Peace
If you've ever felt down and alone, this poem's for you.
Oh, think of His pain and suffering ~ for us!
A Broken Heart
Jesus love the heart that is broken so that He may heal it ~
I'm Crossing Over
There is not a storm too strong that Jesus and I can't cross ~
Imperfect Perfection
It is a poem about how we were created perfectly in God's image and how we have lost our way. It is also about how we can repent and get back to God.
When my last child went to college and my husband died just a few short months later, I had an identity crisis. I have come to realize that my identity never changed, but my roles did. I am a child of God and my identity lies in Christ.
Let It Go
Sometimes the hardest part of letting Christ work in us is letting go of the control that we think we have.
A Better Day Tomorrowwinner of poetry contest
Going out into the day without spending time with the lord, putting on your spiritual armor, make it easy to have this kind of day.