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Trials & Challenges Poetry

Through It All
In my journey I have gone through many hardships . . . and through it all . . . He has been there for me!
His Soldiers
God is with you and will deliver His soldiers from their enemies. Fight on!
Fight The Good Fight
Fighting the good fight is understanding who and what is behind our battles.
Guidance from God
Waiting for Spring
Just as winter hardens the ground, winter of our souls hardens our hearts. We long for the warmth that the "light" can bring us both physically and spiritually.
Temptations, Lies and The Devil
Every once in awhile we follow a road that leads to to get trapped in the web of lies. The liar, satan himself finds every mean possible to lure you away from God
Seeing Through The Darkest Times
Facing life's challenges and getting through them with God
Look To Jesus
Psalm 27:8When You said, �Seek My face,�My heart said to You, �Your face, LORD, I will seek.�
Is the world calling?