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Turn your focus unto the Lord
The Cure for Depression
My prayer for all those who are feeling depressed.
No Morewinner of poetry contest
Sometimes we ask God, how much more? He is so merciful and patient. Some day there will be no more tears. That is a promise in His Word.
We all face temptation throughout our lives, leaving us with specific choices with no understanding on which way to go. However, when we surrender all things and cry out to Jesus, all things are possible.
I'll Not Forgetwinner of poetry contest
I'll not forget Sandy Hook...
Twenty Angels
The question that I struggle with is, "Where do Angels go?"
Without your light
a short poem about a time I strayed from God as we all do from time to time
My Tears Numbered More
No matter how heavy our tears today flow,our God's love is greater than we'll ever know.
His Work
They laughed at him and bragged about the works that they had done. They filled vast reams of papers, yet he had but only one.