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The Day After Sunday
Many people find it easy to worship God, in church, on a Sunday morning. What about the day after Sunday? Are we still rejoicing in Jesus, praying and singing his praises?

The Child of the past
These poem was written after I had seen the wonderful way in which Jesus had healed someone close to me from the damaging effects of Child Abuse.

Rise Above
Rise above the temptations and deception

His Holy Name first in poetry contest
Life is futile without God.

Who Will Stand Up For These?
This poem came to me when thinking about the Abortion Bill slipped through government while the nation was distracted with Covid19.

A Walk During The Pandemic
This poem appreciates the solitude of a lockdown walk..

Help me Jesus!
JOY = Jesus first, Others second, You last

Strong At Heart
Be strong at heart

Don't throw in the towel
Things won't always be like this! To everything there is a season and this season also, will come to pass.

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