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Poetry About Jesus

Humble Exalted
Humble servant to risen King.
He, The Son
Shepherd Poem
I am a sheep in Jesus Christ's flock, and I am speaking.
Who is Jesus?
While it is impossible for our finite minds to grasp the fullness of Jesus, the names of Jesus found in the Bible can help us catch a glimpse of His manifold sufficiency and His ability to meet our every need. This poem seeks to set forth those names.
I watched a carpenter so busy at his craft and must admit I was a little awed.
In Him I Gain
In my Lord, I Gain
Come All
Jesus calls us to come just as we are. His grace is amazing.
That Distant Lightwinner of poetry contest
The air was calm below the palm so rested, I awhile.I stared across the quiet lake with my own lazy smile.
Personal God
Jesus is a personal God