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Poetry About Jesus

Rolling Stones
Pascha is the Greek word for Easter; this poem is the story of Christ's Resurrection.

The Bright Morning Star
Jesus is the "Bright Morning Star" who shines through the darkness wherever we are.

Burning Love
‘Didn’t our hearts burn with us.’ We are so affected by what He has done.

Perfect Love
I had to preach on the subject of Perfect Love and I wrote this poem to go with it.

Who is Jesus and why did he come?

Who, But He
Look for Him, the only One with life in Himself.

My Jehovah
A poem that describes some of the many different names given to Jesus

What I'd Want to Be
Have you ever thought about the days ahead and what you might want to be? Were you reminded that we were made in the image of Christ - were you reminded of His scars and what He had done for each of us? . . .

At The Foot of The Cross
Jesus is the only way truth and life. Jesus is the only way to the Father. Jesus died for us so that we could live for him and be saved and be with him forever.

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