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Poetry About Jesus

The Only Forgotten Son
The whole world has turned Jesus away!
Mary's Joy
Mary was joyful at the news of her pending arrival, and so shoud we be.
The Road To Calvary
This is about the road we travelto Calvary where our passage has been paid. This poem was three years in the making until one night it just clicked.
All Things . . .
Are possible when you have the strength of the Lord!
When you see all of God's glory spread before your very eyes, knowing you have been chosen by him to come and feast at his table, you'll wonder why you ever wanted to stay in your old body in this corrupt and fallen world.
Beyond The Manger
In the Christmas season it appears that many people see the baby in the manger and never see the cross where He died for their sins.
In Jesus' Hands
What I bring is never enough, but when I place it in Jesus' hands anything is possible.
Jesus, The Humble Savior
Jesus is our example of humility and serving others.
Love In The Highest Form
Jesus is The Bread of Life and in Him we can find the love that satisfies spiritual hunger dwelling within.