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Poetry About Jesus

The Living Lord of Love
Some meditations of heart and mind on the love and life of our Lord Jesus Christ with His first advent in my thoughts. May the loveliness and beauty of Christ Jesus sing a far better song than this poem.;
Who is at your centre?
The Only Son
Women have been given the gifts of strength, courage, compassion, and exhortation. We are born with the desire to lift each other up. Even in our loss we have, "A Woman's Creed."
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord
Blood of Jesus
The Blood of Jesus
Word of God
Jesus is the Word of God
Jesus, You Have
Jesus has done so much for me
My Shepherd
The Lord is my Shepherd
Everlasting Tearswinner of poetry contest
But were the tears that Jesus shed from just the pain He bore? Or were the tears that soaked His face from something even more?