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Poetry About Jesus

The Love of Jesus
JESUS will always be there for you and me.
Your Voice
The voice of my Lord
Catch the Lord
Catch the Lord Jesus for He is our everything
His Name is Jesus
His name is Jesus, and He is calling your name. Won't you heed His call and make Him your Lord and Savior?
One Year He'll Be Here
A poem warning all those who are not prepared for the return of Jesus. That time is precious because this could be the year He comes back.
The New Kid on the Block
This poem talks about a new kid(Jesus) on the block. It's an imaginary picture about him hanging out with gangs on the streets and preaching to them.
Christmas, The First of Three
Of all the special days that God has given this world, I would say there are three that stand above the rest.
My King Saves
Having heard the statement "God save the king!" I am thankful, indeed, that The King saved me.
In You, I Gain
In Jesus, I gain