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Poetry About Jesus

My pastor, Ken Idleman, gave a sermon recently from Chapter 24 of The Story, which is entitled No Ordinary Man. Ken stressed that Christ has dominion…over disaster, demon’s disease, and death. His sermon inspired me to write this poem.
Oh What A Day
This poem hit me one night, because earlier I was thinking about what Jesus went through for us and a lot of us really don't understand his suffering.
The Price Paid
Jesus...He did this for us
Freedom in Christ
A poem in lively penitents.
Creation Recreation
Creation themes fulfilled in Christ
Abding On The Vine
If were to abide . . .our life with Jesus must intertwine!
Jesus Is That Friend
He promises to never leave you!
Never Forsaken
Satan and his demons will tell you anything to get you to walk away from God. Hold on tight to His love and mercy, but if you do fall He'll always take you back.
My Best Friend
This poem was inspired by my love for Jesus and my relationship with him.