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Poetry About Jesus

Christ Alone
Just to remind us that irrespective of what we are passing through everyday, we should always put Christ first because he is the way, the truth & the life.
Righteous Sin
Because Jesus took on all the sins of mankind with His sacrifice, He BECAME all sin. - 2 Corinthians 5:21. So although Jesus never literally did the acts in this poem, in EFFECT, with His selfless sacrifice, He did.
If you need a friend.
Please take part in the breaking of the bread of life.
Jesus Is Coming Back
Jesus will be coming back to get his bride and we will be with him forever.
My pastor, Ken Idleman, gave a sermon recently from Chapter 24 of The Story, which is entitled No Ordinary Man. Ken stressed that Christ has dominion…over disaster, demon’s disease, and death. His sermon inspired me to write this poem.
Oh What A Day
This poem hit me one night, because earlier I was thinking about what Jesus went through for us and a lot of us really don't understand his suffering.
The Price Paid
Jesus...He did this for us
Freedom in Christ
A poem in lively penitents.