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Poems About Prayer

Pray For Election Day
Christians need to pray that we make the right decisions when we vote. Prayer can make a difference in the results.

A Miracle Ride
This story was told by an evangelist in his meetings in the 1970's throughout America. It happened to a family who attended some of his meetings.

When We Don't Talk
Do you know how it feels to be ignored?

Grandma's Prayer Cups
Most grandmas have special cups that remind them of special people. In this poem, grandma sees those cups and remembers to pray for these special dear ones.

Total Surrender
God wants it all!

The Soldiers' Prayer Meeting
This is a poem about a true incident which was passed on by the survivors.

A Personal Prayer to God

I Pray ~
My prayer for all who love the Lord.

Our Golden Years Prayer Warriors
Sometimes we are not aware of how much time some of our senior saints spend in prayer for the needs of others. They are truly prayer warriors.

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