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Praise & Worship Poems

Renew Our Spirits Once Again
Everyday when need to be asking God to renew our spirits

Your Holy Word
I need the Lord everyday.

Finally I Saw The Light
Song About Apostle Paul

This is a prayer of giving yourself to Jesus, so He can use you in the work He would have you do as a living sacrifice.

Binding Myself to You
All things come and go - whether by word, deed, or creed. The only thing we need is to abide, cling, and bind ourselves to God in all His glory and promise. What is so awesome is that we cannot even abide without His power.

Singing a New Song
During the chaos and tribulation - now and later on, we have the opportunity to keep singing His song.

How Do I Praise You?
Another poem written in '98, during my early years in this walk of faith. He brought me out of a time of trouble and I learned how to praise Him.

Remember Jesus Christ
"Remember Christ Jesus, risen from the dead, the offspring of David, as preached by my gospel." 2 Timothy 2:8

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