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Praise & Worship Poems

The Stones Will Speak
A poem inspured by a friend vacationing on Hawaii while dealing with grief..
No Other Name
The name of Jesus is highly exalted above all other names.
I am unworthy
I was inspired to write this after reading Job.
Surely As the Sun
This is a praise poem to the One who is with me every day both through the good and bad.. Thank you Lord for being by my side!
I Believe
I believe He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lord, the I AM, the one and only God.
Limitless Love
God's love for His followers never ceases. No matter how often we may stumble, He's always there to comfort and forgive.
Every Season
Through every season of life, in good and bad times, Jesus is there. I praise my God who stands by me in every phase of life.
The Lyrics of My Heart
He is my song, the melody that makes me sing.
Mercy Me
Oh, mercy me, how much God loves me has set me free!!!