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Praise & Worship Poems

Psalm of Praise
A song of worship writ unto the Triune God, perfect in glory, majesty and power. Praise be to the only wise and loving God from everlasting to everlasting now and forever and ever!

Angel Voices
Whether on earth or heaven above, Christ Jesus was designed (from eternity) for glory, honor, and praise.

My Prayer
A personal prayer to my Saviour

The joy of serving the Lord, because of His love...

Always Rejoicing in His presence...

Take me to the Place
This poem is about going to the Father in worship and adoration

A Song finalist in poetry contest
I so admire those individuals who've been gifted by God to write and perform worship songs. I thank God for the way the words and music combine to move people in such a powerful way.

The Work of Love
A descriptive poem that expresses a personal experience of receiving the love of God and its enablement to love Him for no other purpose than loving Him.

My Lord, My Saviour Thee I Worship
In loving worship to Christ Jesus my Lord and King, with the reflective approach of the many ways He means so much to me and the centrality of His God-Nature and Person to me. Unto Him be all glory, laud, and honour now and for all eternity.

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