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Praise & Worship Poems

Limitless Love
God's love for His followers never ceases. No matter how often we may stumble, He's always there to comfort and forgive.
Every Season
Through every season of life, in good and bad times, Jesus is there. I praise my God who stands by me in every phase of life.
The Lyrics of My Heart
He is my song, the melody that makes me sing.
Mercy Me
Oh, mercy me, how much God loves me has set me free!!!
Choosing Wisely
God allows us the freedom to choose the lifestyle we live. It's our choice to make and serving Him is as good as we can get.
What I want to Do is Dance!
The sound of Your name upon my lips. The Spirit washing over me. Freedom from chains that bound my soul I’m no longer blind for now I see! What I want to do is - dance!
Calm Waters
All around us our His calm waters we just need to stop, listen, and hear the peacefulness within our souls and hear the sounds of His awesomeness.
Reflections from God
A painting reveals a ray of light shining down on a table with two coffee cups. Next to the cups, "The Bible." Light reflects brilliantly off the Book. A lovely vision that prompted this poem. It is the name and cover of my next book.
Solitary Symphony
Waking to an early bird's symphony reminds me to sing my own praise-symphony to God my Creator!