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Creation Poetry

Designed Earth
poem about God's creation
The Beauty of the Lord
For more thoughts on God's awesomeness read Job 37-41
The Portrait
I am a work in progress. God is the Author and finisher of my life. His unfailing love is what carries me through each day. He paints a picture of me and I am blessed when I can see, all He desires to give to me...
God's Majesty
This poem is a reflection of how I view God's wondrous creation.
Ten Thousand -Thousand Miracles
The beauty of each season holds the proof of His Awesomeness!
God's Miracles Great and Small
Every where we look we should see God's miracles. I just pray that I never become so caught up in life that I can't see the little miracles or that I forget the greatest miracle of all is Jesus Christ our Lord.
Someone Did
Elements coming together for a '"big bang" came from where? Every explosion known to man creates disorder (volcanic eruptions, meteor impacts, lightening, dynamite, etc.). But the biggest explosion ever resulted in perfect order?
The Potter's Hands
No two vessels are alike,but we all have the same promise as we are molded into His image.
Created By God
The Bible says in Psalm 139:14 that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made."