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Creation Poetry

I love the 'fringe' of dawn........a celestial miracle every day!!!
My favorite season
Is there a season better than all others?
Nature's Temple
Oh, how the voice of God speaks, unhindered by distraction in this sanctuary!
Nature Undone
In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus. Rom.6:11
Creator Saviour.
A few thoughts from Genesis and Gods solution for mans sin.
Creator Saviour
Creation the fall and the remedy.
This poem is to Thank the Lord for my favorite season Autumn!
Majestic Beauty
The glory of creation is such an awesome testimony of God's heart and love for His children! Oh, that He would bless us with such beauty is almost beyond my comprehension. I give glory to His Name as I ponder this beautiful scene!
Dance of Creation
The Lord poured the words to this poem out as I looked at a beautiful picture of a nature scene. I could just sense this awesome "dance of creation" in my spirit. God is amazing!