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Poems About the World, Flesh & Satan

It's Time . . .
. . . for all Christians to speak out against all sexual immoralities and vote NO on any same sex marriage laws!
There are flowers and then there are flowers...
So Many . . .
So many lost and wandering . . . so many needing salvation!
The Temptation
sometimes what we want may not seem to be hurting anyone, no harm done,BUT, sin always comes with a price, and sometimes the cost is extremely heavy.
With Fear and Trembling
I stand in fear of God . . . and His coming judgment!
An Old Abandoned Cabin
A little stream meandered by with water clean and pure that seemed to say, "Come drink from me. Your problems, I will cure."
God is In Control
. . . although the world is spinning out of control . . . God always is in control.
God's Rainbow
It's not a gay thing . . . it is a GOD thing!
Sin No More . . .
Yes, Jesus forgives you and will not condemn . . . but you must stop from sinning again!