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Poems About the World, Flesh & Satan

Little Foxes
I wrote this after hearing a message about little foxes. It is a chapter in the Bible but I don't remember where.
Adulation and Praise
What the simple desire for confirmation in life can spawn. Here's where a little is good, but a whole lot more is not!
God or Mammon
Choosing between God and mammon
The Call of the Wild; The Call of the Spirit
The Wild and the Spirit are calling to your heart, Which one will you answer...Which one will rule your life?
It's Not Easy . . .
. . . being a Christian in the world today!
Turning to Godwinner of poetry contest
Form is Rhyme
God's Children
A poem that questions why God chose us as his children.
Evil Under the Sun
Christians can make a difference!
When I was a new Christian I quite arrogantly believed there were sins I simply could not commit. I have learned that I am capable of any sin, but for the grace of God, and my Savior, Jesus Christ, I am saved...