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Poems About the World, Flesh & Satan

The Things of This World
Can Christians afford to stand with one foot in the world?
Psalm 73--Which Destiny is Yours?
The Psalmist observes the easy life of the wicked and wonders if he has kept his life pure in vain.
What a different person I could be
A poem depicting the power of hatred
by Royston
Satan's Snare
Satan is the father of lies.
When your heart melts.
Walking With God
The Lord gave me this word for word when I was sitting in the kitchen looking out the window. He said grab a pen and paper I have something for you. And here it is. I hope you enjoy it.
According to Thy Word
. . . may the Bible continue to be my road map so that I may walk rightly amongst the irreligious people of this world.
Clinging To My Victories In Christ
All of my losses are but for His gain. I give it all to Him!
A Letter to Satan
I've been reflecting on the evil in the world and its source, so I thought I'd pen my thoughts, after researching in the Bible, on Satan.