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Spiritual Warfare Poetry

The Poppy
A poem about the waste of life caused by wars and conflict and our Saviours wish for us to spread love and live in peace and harmony.
Precious moment
.I wrote this long ago not too long after I was saved in June of 1960. Just came across it today...Easter Season ...
Praying Hands
Wring hands should be praying hands!
Greater is He . . .
Be sober . . . Be diligent . . . Beware!
The Fires of Affliction
It can get hot in God's refining pot!
My Past and the Cross
Shalom! This poem reverberates the fact that oft our past--- in spite of Jesus Christ having forgiven and forgotten our sins, sometimes manage to seep into our minds and hold us guilty still. Simply because, after all, we are still humans.
Breaking News !
Relating to world conditions today, but offering the solution that God alone can give.
The Lord Wins
The Lord Wins
Steer Clear
Steer clear of temptation