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Spiritual Warfare Poetry

World Wide Web finalist in poetry contest
The internet brings so many benefits to our lives and is used in so many positive ways, like this website. However, it is also used for evil. The real danger for Christians is how easy it is to get caught in its web and how difficult it is to break free.

Master of the Mind first in poetry contest
Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee. Ps.119:11

The Poppy
A poem about the waste of life caused by wars and conflict and our Saviours wish for us to spread love and live in peace and harmony.

Guard Your Ground
God gave us all a land of the plentiful. The enemy wants this land as well. Let's be reminded to protect what the Lord has given us as His children.

Truth and Facts
A winning strategy.

The Fires of Affliction
It can get hot in God's refining pot!

At times we are our number one critic and our own worst enemy.

The World's Ways
It's best to stir clear from all of them!

Silence will not overtake us
The world is trying to silence the voice of Jesus. The pressure is building against his people and his way.

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