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Spiritual Warfare Poetry

A challenge I was given after my Onesie poem.

Wasted Hours and Restless Days
I wrote this after wasting a whole day playing Skyrim and forgetting my heavenly duties.

The Threshold of Fear
Don't let that slimy old serpent cross it!

Marching Orders from the King
This was a reminder from God that we are in a war, and that in war, wounds are given and taken. But Jesus can heal even the deepest, gravest wound... and He is always with us.

My Arrow Deflector finalist in poetry contest
The Lord indeed is my shield!

Heart Disease
So many suffering from this ailment in the church today!

A leading fortress in love and in kind
Standing with Jesus against the odds for justice and in service to others

It's A Shame second in poetry contest
There are times when I tend to brag a little and know that I have not right to do so, for God deserves all of the credit, not me, Then too, I complain some and this is uncalled for. I am too well blessed to complain about things.

The tears of my future
Trippy dream I had about one of my kids having a dream about Christ. It was pretty cool.

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