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Spiritual Warfare Poetry

Stay Steadfast
Keep your eyes on Jesus and not be led astray by the devil.
Battle Cry
The Israelites Claimed the Victory at the Wall of Jericho Because they had the faith God would make the walls crumble..We must to must claim the victory even if before the fact..
Broken Promises
We hear promises made and we see some broken, however there are those that will never be broken.
At times we are our number one critic and our own worst enemy.
Satan's Shop'n
We aren't the only ones shopping this Christmas season.
God Knows
Haiti. The horror of it all. People buried in mass graves as if they never existed, but for God. He knows who they are. God Knows...
The Heart Part
I know God is inside me. When sin is in my heart I shudder at the thought, that my sin would come close to God. I shudder at my sin...
A Wasted Day
A wasted day takes place when we miss the given opportunities to be that witness for God.
-THe Fallen King's Delicacies- Satan's Table of Deception
Things are not always as good as they appear... Genesis 3:6 The woman took of the fruit and she ate. Her husband also ate.Daniel 1:8 Daniel proposed in his heart that he would not defile himself with the king's delicacies.