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Spiritual Warfare Poetry

The Voice
Read with a bible in hand so the Lord can speak to you as He did to me. For more of my poetry visit
Running Away
A poem about facing my demons and challenging them. This is also a part of a series of poems that are about spiritual warfare and is the prelude to "The Fight"
This poem was written by Karen Hopkins. She wanted it shared with you. Karen is like a daughter to me.
Pining for August
Lord, help not to pine for the past, thus missing the blessing in this moment....
Spiritual Dimming of Our Eyes
Let us read and study God's word, so that we can keep our spiritual eyes shining bright for Jesus.
A reflective poem about being surrounded by bad things and having bad things happen, then about surrounding myself in Godly things and life being great
The fight
The poem is about a fight if you will between Angels and Demons. It is something that God allowed me to witness and was a truly unbelievable sight.
The Tsunami Won't Sleepwinner of poetry contest
In this very difficult world in which we live, we always need to know Who is in control.
Anger Management 101
Where and how to find an escape from anger