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Missions & Evangelism Poetry

Child Of God
I want to be aware of any opportunity God gives me, what ever it may be. An encourager to a fellow Christian or a witness to a lost one. I pray that I will glorify God in all these.
From Where I Sit
Up on the high majestic hill stands one great mighty oak, that seems to mimic something else -a world of prideful folk.
Will Work For Jesus
Take up your cross with joy and pride and follow the One who bore all of your burdens on Calvary.
The believer and the Atheist's view
I wrote this poem after witnessing to an atheist.
Wounded Eyes
There are so many starving people in the world. If we'd all just give a little, we could help so many.
All for You
All for Jesus
So Many People Are Lost
So many people are lost and on their way to hell that we need to tell people about Jesus.
Saved to Serve
The calling of God on our lives for salvation and commitment to service.
You don't have to be a star.