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God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

God of The Empty Tomb
Even in the world today, we can find Hope's light in knowing Christ overcame death's dismal darkness,and fear of the tomb, for He is The Resurrection and The Life-eternally.
The Fruit of the Spirit
Is in all of us . . . we just need to cultivate it!
Psalm 91.
Psalm 91
To The End
The Lord's grace and mercy follows me wherever I go!
Your Love
The joy of knowing and experiencing God's Love...
Circle Of Love
A circle has no beginning or end. Neither does God's love- or this poem...
The Invitation . . .
For all who are in need of finding their Savior.
Jesus Knows Your Pain
and He died so that He could take away your grief and sorrow.
Such Love
I wrote this years ago but God's love never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!