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God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

THE ARTIST AND THE GYPSY GIRL finalist in poetry contest
This outreach poem was taken from a tract that contained a true story. I faithfully retold the story of that tract in poetry form and did it over two years. It is the story of an artist and a model he contracted for him. The highlight is the painting.

God’s Grace Is Everywhere
We can find God’s grace everywhere in everything, all people, all situations, desirable or not.

Everlasting Love
After experiencing a heartbreak, I finally realized it’s only God’s love that lasts. His. love is like no other - unfathomable, unconditional, eternal.

In His Time
This is a poem about prayer. When we pray and have concerns...just give them over to God..and wait on his answer, and it will come in His Time.

That empty space inside all who do not know Christ, that they try to fill with the things of this world.

CHRIST - OUR SUPPORT IN HURT finalist in poetry contest
Where can I get help for difficult times? We can't solve problems ourselves but we need God's help. God understands when we are having difficulties and we need the Lord to see us through, to be our help in pain. Experience proves God is faithful.

The goodness of God is known by His own because it can be known, but the world largely rejects God's goodness and suffers through rejection. The poem examines people's response to the goodness of God. Come to Him who can save from despair and misery.Th

God is always there for us. Turn to him for Grace in all our Trials and Tribulations, sin and when we need strength.

From Mirth To Mourning
This poem was inspired by a message I heard recently at the memorial service of a co-worker’s daughter. God can use a tragedy to bring about the salvation of a soul.

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