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God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

I See God Work
I see the wonderful work of God
All Depends
The Bible clearly states that salvation and faith are by God's Grace alone even if we try to make it otherwise.
by Annie B
That Time of Year
How reflection of sin can turn to redirection within.
Choose Life and Blessing
Adam and Eve's fall brought sin into the world, but we can still choose life and blessing in Jesus Christ.
Where God Is
Where God Is
Petals of Pain
The healing power of God's saving grace.
Not Retracing Old Patterns
God's unmerited favor is good for everyone. Why not accept all Jesus paid for on the cross?
Despite Our Outward Displays
Jesus isn't fooled by our outward displays, even if they do impress the world.
Unashamed of All
People who are finding fault with me don't know the price Jesus paid to transform me with His grace.