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God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

Across Forever
God's work, man's fall, and God's rework in rhyme.
The Work
About God's work in love and salvation
Every Hair Numbered
God knows the exact number of the hair on our head!
God Heals The Broken Heart
Oh, what God can do with a heart that is broken!
Days That Never End
A short poem about the life and love of Jesus Christ.
My Soul Shall Live On
Though my body is perishing, my spirit is getting stronger!
So Many Needs
So many lost sheep out there!
God of The Empty Tomb
Even in the world today, we can find Hope's light in knowing Christ overcame death's dismal darkness,and fear of the tomb, for He is The Resurrection and The Life-eternally.
Eclipse Day
This poem is about the day of total eclipse and if Jesus decided to come back while everyone was looking at the sky