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God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

It is all because of Christ and his finished work on the cross. Christ plus nothing = everything.
A story of brokenness and restoration. Cries of desperation ... restoration in Christ
I Marvel at His Grace
It indeed is marvelous . . . this mercy and this grace God has bestowed on us.
Wandering Ones
A prayer for all those who have gone astray . . .
My Quality Of Life
As we approach old age, it is assumed that our quality of life decreases, but if we are in Christ, our spiritual quality of life can get better every day.
Perfection . . .
. . . is found when one finds Jesus . . .
I Love The Lord
. . . more and more each day.
May I Not Forget
Unlike His children in the wilderness . . . may I not soon forget God's blessings and mercies.
While He is Still Near
Seek the Lord now . . . for soon there will be a day where He will not be found!