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God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

I Love The Lord
. . . more and more each day.
May I Not Forget
Unlike His children in the wilderness . . . may I not soon forget God's blessings and mercies.
While He is Still Near
Seek the Lord now . . . for soon there will be a day where He will not be found!
Oh, Wretched Women
. . . although I am saved . . . I still see the wretchedness that is in me.
God Has Great Things for You
. . . but you must seek and search Him with your whole heart before He can impart His blessings on you!
Whole and Complete
May the Lord . . . reveal to you the root of your incompleteness and make you whole.
Almighty God Is He
A compilation of words and rhymes detailing the wonders of God, His creation, and our being blessed by Him for all that He has provided for us, including our salvation through Christ Jesus..
A Sonnet of Redemption
How His Grace and Mercy brought us through.
By His Stripes . . .
We have been healed . . . yet we act as if we are still lost.