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God's Love, Grace & Mercy Poetry

Painful Memories
Jesus came to take away all our pain and grief . . .
He's Still There
Sometimes when troubles come, God seems so far away. God does not move; we move away from Him. He's always there.
Hand Molded . . .
. . . by God's grace; for His pleasure.
How Dare You!
Please read carefully and completely before coming to conclusions...
A Glimpse of Grace
Grace is unearned love. No matter what is happening in my life I feel the God who grounds me. He holds the corners of this earth in his Hands and all that happens in-between, He is aware. He stoops down to make me great, gives me, "A Glimpse of Grace."
The Tapestry of His Love
God wove me in the womb and covered me in the tapestry of His love.
Love was shown
I see how the world defines love these and how false and temporary it is. How the world makes love seem easy, when in reality the love that Jesus talks about is extremely hard to show.
Caring Father
Our caring Heavenly Father
God's Glory Beckons Me
Master's handCreativityExposeFor the world to see.