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Poems About Virtue & Christ-likeness

The Mentor
A person who is driven by God's Holy Spirit's power can be mightily used by God to influence others to serve God.
O That I May Please Thee
A personal heart-cry, seeking to grow more like Jesus, to love Him more.
God's Honor Only
Asking God to take first place; yielding to Him for service that pride and vain-glory be slain.
Refine Me, Lord
Oh, that I may be refined into His image and still be found to be faithful!
If I Were More Like My Master
If we claim we live in Him than we must walk as Jesus did.
Do You?
Feeling God's love in your life will enable you to be a light unto the world.
Brain Control
There have been too many times when my tongue began went into action before my brain had a chance to kick in. Not good.
The Love of God
Corinthians tells us that unless God's love motivates everything we do, it is nothing but a sham and an ego-raiser.
Love Poem
Love is not skin deep, lustful, vain...etc. Love is sacrifice for one another; love must reflect Christ's love. He is the epitome of Love. He sacrificed himself for those who didn't even deserve it. The metaphor can be seen as baking a cake.