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Poems About Virtue & Christ-likeness

In the Trenches
He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.John 8;7
Small Kindnesses
This one is for all people, all over the world who care enough and take the time to offer small kindnesses! God bless you all!!!
Reflection of Christ
This poem adresses something that all Christians experience in their daily life. I hope it provides some encouragement to someone who may be going through such a trial.
I Am My Brother's Keeper . . .
. . . and my sister's, neighbors, mother's, father's, children s . . . and the Lord is mine!
The Good Samaritan
At last, a Good Samaritan... Luke 10: 25-37
I'll Settle For More
I was getting tired of hearing about settling for less in the days to come....
The Church Resides in Us
The Church Resides in Us is a poem about the trials of living a Christian life in modern society. Some of the ideas in the poem are, in part, inspired by Pascal's Pensees. If anyone plans to use it in a service, I would love to know.
Give and Take
We need to be able to give and take, not only give or only take.
Reflection and Apology