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Poems About Virtue & Christ-likeness

Reflection of Christ
This poem adresses something that all Christians experience in their daily life. I hope it provides some encouragement to someone who may be going through such a trial.
I Am My Brother's Keeper . . .
. . . and my sister's, neighbors, mother's, father's, children s . . . and the Lord is mine!
The Good Samaritan
At last, a Good Samaritan... Luke 10: 25-37
I'll Settle For More
I was getting tired of hearing about settling for less in the days to come....
The Church Resides in Us
The Church Resides in Us is a poem about the trials of living a Christian life in modern society. Some of the ideas in the poem are, in part, inspired by Pascal's Pensees. If anyone plans to use it in a service, I would love to know.
Give and Take
We need to be able to give and take, not only give or only take.
Reflection and Apology
Jesus broke down the man-made barriers
Written after reading Matthew 15: 1-28
by Royston
Consider The Poor
There have been times that I have tried to ignore those in need, but the Holy Spirit always convicts me. I know that God wants me to help those in need.