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Inspirational Poems

Loneliness and Solitude second in poetry contest
This poem is about loneliness and solitude, and the friendship of the Lord.

When fear comes knocking at your door, don't let it take control. Seek God's help in prayer, and He will calm each one.

May we see the breakthrough of the new day He provides. May we listen to what He says

Every Spiritual Blessing
God has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly realms through Jesus Christ.

Don't Blame Others
This poem speaks to Acts 24:16 - don't blames others for the choices you've made that have led you to do wrong.

Treasures in Heaven
The poems speaks the Matthew 6:19-20, NIV) . . .Heaven is where we should store our treasures, not on earth, where they may be destroyed or stolen - where your treasures are stored, is where your heart will be.

A Speak in the Eye
Many pay more attention to the speck of dust in another's eye, and seem to overlook or ignore the plank in their own eye. . .

We are the Lord's Design
We are the Lord's design - diamonds in the rough that He refines.

Memory Lane
Explores what impact taking a stroll down memory should see in our lives if done considering God and His role in our lives. So often though it has a hold on us as we live in regret. Time to let that go and reflect on His grace and love instead.

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