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Inspirational Poems

Whatever your Habit or Poison that has a hold of you, do NOT Despair. The Lord is able to take it away from you

Here The Plea Of The Father
A call to salvation

A Little Place
There’s a little place, inside my mind. Where only joy and peace I find. And in that spot, that’s tucked away. Are thoughts of how I used to pray.

I Am Not Alone
This is a poem to remind us as Christians, We are never alone.

Jesus And Michael
This is actually a song lyric that I never put to music. So I chose to publish it as a poem.

A Stroll with God
The joy of a walk with God

New Path
The new path that Christ forged for us to walk in.

What Some Throw Away finalist in poetry contest
Man does not see as God does. God is able to produce beauty from ashes!

The Tides Of Time
A poetic description of the flow of life.

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