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Inspirational Poems

Stay the Course
A 19th century ship captain sails the world, always secure in the knowledge that he is sailing within God's will.
Midbar Majesty
I wrote this little poem after being inspired by a story (The Midbar) in Jonathan Cahn's book 'The Book of Mysteries'. I try to spend as much time as possible in the woods here in Michigan and Alaska - nice quiet spaces to take in all of God's glory.
Your Voice
Mornings are my favorite times with God. I feel and hear him everywhere.
A Day of Rest,
In Hebrews 4,, we are promised to live in God's Sabbath Rest, while on Earth. Wow! That is what I want for us; andwe can live in that promise through the Holy Spirit
by Annie B
My Internetwinner of poetry contest
no matter how important technology is to us, Jesus Christ will always be so much more important to our lives.
How the Cookie Crumbles
I wrote this after being inspired by a poem from Valerie Cox titled “The Cookie Thief”
Under The Bridge
Analyzing the plight of a vagabond, from both a physical and spiritual viewpoint.
What If
Depicting our condition if we had never known loved ones who cared, and ultimately if God had never cared
The Traffic Light
A metaphor from the title, to God's guidance to His children.