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Inspirational Poems

End Of Construction
I was really impressed when I saw the inscription on Ruth Graham's tombstone. It says, "End of construction. Thank you for your patience."
STUFFwinner of poetry contest
God is constantly pouring out his blessings upon his children. We sometimes become so preoccupied with his, "stuff,' that we take it all for granted. He gave me this little poem as a wake-up call when I had fallen, yet again,into ungratefulness.
Sin Freedom
Jesus died for all the sins of the world. Great or small, He died for them all. All but one. He said the only unforgiven sin is denying The Holy Spirit.
Life Was...
A true story poem about living in the country in Wisconsin in the summer of 1934 as told to me by my mother Ruth.
A Conquering Soul
It takes Jesus to have a conquering soul.
Jim's Answer To Prayer
Sometimes God works in strange ways to answer our prayers. Sometimes he may give us a test to pass before he answers a prayer. Jim passed a test in honesty, and God promptly answered his prayer.
Alone With God
I just wrote this the Day after Christmas. A wonderful family time with many blessings and heartaches mixed.
Another Year is Here
. . . and I am making only one new resolution!
At The Tunnel's End
Keep believing, you shall succeed!