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Inspirational Poems

The Tides Of Time
A poetic description of the flow of life.

Finding Eternity finalist in poetry contest
A poem about life and afterlife.

Bless America
A tribute to America and her founders, a warning of the current societal upheavals, and a plea to God for mercy and deliverance

This poem makes a parallel of God's intervention with both the Israelites and the Gentile Nation of today.

Carried Home
The work of Jesus doesn't stop until we are truly home.

Strong Legs finalist in poetry contest
I've had some pretty harrowing near death experiences. I faced cancer, got shot at in the wee hours of the morning in front of a bar in Inglewood CA, was in a motorcycle accident at 70mph, and had a .45 held to my temple by a crazy ex-cop! I wasn't alone

Evening Draws Nigh
You know how you tend to review or analyze your day as you are drifting off to sleep? This poem captures one of those times of reflection at day's end.

Boots on the Ground
A poem to encourage, inspire, and mobilize those who are called by His Name and for His purpose. "...not willing that any should perish..."

She’s a wonder to me.
A single Christian girl who doesn't need an marital relationship, she contented that her relationship is complete in Christ.

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