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Inspirational Poems

A Confident New Year!
With God being in control of all things!
My Lord's Provisions
Psalm 36:9 - For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light. The Lord provides our needs physically and spiritually. We should not want for anything.
Ignite The Fire
This poem/song remains to be special to me. When leading a ministry at a Children's Shelter, I challenged the kids to use these words to create a song, rap or a skit to perform to the group the following Sunday. A sparkle continues to light my heart!
An inspirational poem about redemption in Jesus Christ
What A Day May Bring
A poem that makes you think of what a day may bring in your life...we never know do we...?
All Heaven Will Be Mine
An inspirational poem about Heaven
My Love Will Come
These words were placed in my heart after hearing so many reports of teen bullying across the country and in my community.
Let Me Be Your Lord
A spiritual poem about the love of our dear savior.
He Paints The Autumn Leaves
In some parts of our country, God gives us colorful scenes as He changes leaves in the autumn to bright red, yellow, and orange. It is a sight to behold!