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Inspirational Poems

Renewed, Day by Day
Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and he will renew you day by day.
In His Service
We are in the Lord's army, victory assured, armor provided; (Eph.6)
Grow in Him.
In The Corner of My World
. . . there are no interruptions . . . just me and Jesus!
Fear Thou Not . . .
There is comfort in the center of the storm, in the midst of it you can hear the whispering words, "Fear thou not, for I am with thee. . . "
Be Still . . .
Be still, my soul, be at peace and let His love and power rule . . .
Do Not Lose Hope
Negatives words can affect healing and our spiritual well being. I wish to speak in constant hope for my future as my future is in Christ. I have not lost hope...
A Future of Hope
When you're feeling discouraged or down go to the Lord in prayer and remember Jeremiah 29:11.
Grandpa's Last Day
This is the true story of the last day I spent with my grandpa. He had a heart attack when I sat on his lap. I was 3 and it is will forever be etched in my mind.