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Inspirational Poems

What's It All About
I said the prayer...But most of all I knew Jesus was there. He is the reason for my Salvation. Praise His Holy Name!
Call to Praise
I woke up one morning thinking about the the happy singing of the birds.
I am drawn to the depth of the sea. This time of year it seems to call to me. Peace, calm, quiet, rest, sweet serenity. In my dreams tears carry me to my one true friend. Who could this be that created such a gift as the sea? It is He…
Through the Wind and Rain
Through God's gift of faith we can endure the hard times and come out blessed
Conflict, afflictions, pain, grief, and sorrow rest peacefully in one’s strife. This is the paradoxical gift of living a Godly life. Lean on God, only God and He will hold you up...
I looked forward to our Wednesday night Bible study taught by Stephanie White. She is my sister in Christ, my friend, my mentor, and my teacher. I have discovered that Stephanie causes me to think, ask myself, "What makes me passionate?"
A Glimpse of Heaven
Encounters that we have with some individuals have the potential to impact our lives. Each trial and heartache of our lives brings wisdom, strength, and compassion. It defines who we are.
Only by God's power
This morning Scott Yardley replied to an e-mail of mine. It was signed, 'Only by God's Power'. Those words struck a chord...
Renewed, Day by Day
Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and he will renew you day by day.