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Inspirational Poems

“Serving God!”
My life experiences as I reflect early Sunday morning.

The Price of Freedom
There are people in my family, some living and some who have passed on, who fought for their countries as soldiers in the military. Although in the news I hear some unpleasant truths about military life, I would like to honor their God-given motives.

Fun Days
How a venturous trip in nature reveals God.

Lucky Signs
All the "lucky signs" actually point to the Son who saved us.

Life is a Story
Life as a book where either we write the pages or we allow God to write our pages

"First Responders"
I wrote this poem as a way to thank all of our First Responders.

The Gift
I was told by a close friend a few years back to always write from the heart. I notice when I do this, it's as if the words flow directly from God to my pen & paper. This, I've found, has been one of His greatest gifts to me in being able to help others.

Just a Man
Tammy Wynette released "Stand by your Man" in 1968. It became one of the best selling songs by a woman in Country music history. One of the lines goes "after all, he's just a man". I play off this idea thinking about what God can do with "just a man".

Wednesday's Blessing
Self isolation for COVID-19 started for us on the weekend. As I started to study that Wednesday morning God gave me this poem as I set to the computer. My anxious moments were addressed in a way that could also help others.

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