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Inspirational Poems

Life Was...
A true story poem about living in the country in Wisconsin in the summer of 1934 as told to me by my mother Ruth.
A Conquering Soul
It takes Jesus to have a conquering soul.
Jim's Answer To Prayer
Sometimes God works in strange ways to answer our prayers. Sometimes he may give us a test to pass before he answers a prayer. Jim passed a test in honesty, and God promptly answered his prayer.
Alone With God
I just wrote this the Day after Christmas. A wonderful family time with many blessings and heartaches mixed.
Another Year is Here
. . . and I am making only one new resolution!
At The Tunnel's End
Keep believing, you shall succeed!
A Confident New Year!
With God being in control of all things!
My Lord's Provisions
Psalm 36:9 - For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light. The Lord provides our needs physically and spiritually. We should not want for anything.
Ignite The Fire
This poem/song remains to be special to me. When leading a ministry at a Children's Shelter, I challenged the kids to use these words to create a song, rap or a skit to perform to the group the following Sunday. A sparkle continues to light my heart!