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Inspirational Poems

Only by God's power
This morning Scott Yardley replied to an e-mail of mine. It was signed, 'Only by God's Power'. Those words struck a chord...
Renewed, Day by Day
Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and he will renew you day by day.
In His Service
We are in the Lord's army, victory assured, armor provided; (Eph.6)
Grow in Him.
In The Corner of My World
. . . there are no interruptions . . . just me and Jesus!
Fear Thou Not . . .
There is comfort in the center of the storm, in the midst of it you can hear the whispering words, "Fear thou not, for I am with thee. . . "
Be Still . . .
Be still, my soul, be at peace and let His love and power rule . . .
Do Not Lose Hope
Negatives words can affect healing and our spiritual well being. I wish to speak in constant hope for my future as my future is in Christ. I have not lost hope...
A Future of Hope
When you're feeling discouraged or down go to the Lord in prayer and remember Jeremiah 29:11.