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Inspirational Poems

Wednesday's Blessing
Self isolation for COVID-19 started for us on the weekend. As I started to study that Wednesday morning God gave me this poem as I set to the computer. My anxious moments were addressed in a way that could also help others.

The Greatest Story Ever Told!
Think about that day when you meet Jesus face to face. All we have studied, learned will then become reality.

Have You Opened The Book?
A question regarding the introduction to the bible and a challenge to read if for life.

“A Motherly Tribute!”
I wrote most of this poem, sitting in the dark with the power off in a storm, and only the light from the screen reflecting on the keys but wanted it ready to post for Mother's Day, 2020.

A Blessing For Mothers
From a hospital bed on Mother''s Day 2019, as I saw mothers going about their jobs like every other day, helping so many on a day they should have been celebrating I penned these words.

God gave me this poem in 1993. I asked the Lord, what is hope? He reminded me it's, Hanging-On-Patiently-Everyday

Coronavirus, in the Midst of Uncertainty
This poem deals with the new Coronavirus pandemic we are all facing, as seen from my viewpoint as a Christian trying to come to terms with this strange world I no longer recognize.

The Thrush Still Sings first in poetry contest
Words of encouragement during stressful times.

Good Is...
That we should never forget the healing power of simple goodness.

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