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Future & End Times Poetry

One Musician
The prophecy of the end of days, the new heaven and new earth, and the thousand years of peace, from the perspective of the observers of Gabriel and his horn!

Lest Ye Be Judged
God knew my love for rhyming verse, and it was through this medium that he chose to teach me. If I had questions, I'd sit down to write, and the answers came. Many of my poems deal with the clash between the world ... and God.

It is terrible to think about what will be the fate of the sinner in the hands of an angry God.

We'll Meet Him In The Air finalist in poetry contest
Our blessed hope!. No matter how bad the world gets around us, never fail to remember that our Lord is coming for his precious Bride.

A warning to God's children that we are not saved by works, but only by faith and only through Jesus Christ.

The Best Is Yet To Come
When we serve Satan and wallow in the sins that he provides, we have a future that is worse than anything we can imagine. Then, if turn to Jesus and invite Him into our lives, the future changes and the best is yet to come.

He Came
He came as a humble servant to make the greatest sacrifice ever made. He's coming again with a crown on His head and leading a great Army of saints.

Behold He Comes!
He came and will come back the same way but as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Snatched Away
A poem about the surprise of Christ coming and Rapturing His Church.

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