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Future & End Times Poetry

The King Arose and Will Arise
Many times, in my life, I need to remind myself that He loves me (not by my own effort). He arose from dying for my sins, and will arise soon as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
by Annie B
What lies ahead are greater because of the Lord
The End
I wrote this piece as I was haunted one night of how the world would end.
He's Coming!
A little bit from Revelation 19 put to poetry.
The End Times
Be steadfast in the end times
Sound The Alarm
A wake up call. Jesus is coming soon.
Filled with Light
The Light of the world
Living In The End Times
What you see around you and on the news is just more evidence of the soon coming of our King!
Revelation Letters V Sardis
I am using Bible Character's names to illustrate the content of the Letter to Sardis in this acrostic poem.