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Salvation Poems

Find Him
Where Jesus is found.

Wanted! Dead But Alive
God is waiting to welcome the tired, the weary and the hopeless.

Thorny Weeds
Describes a past that is holding someone down like thorns and briers and then finding the one true vine that saves you.

The time of near death is not the right time to examine your life and where you will spend eternity.

Who is this man?
A poem about the return of Jesus

Release! finalist in poetry contest
I wrote this poem to help remind me of how thankful I should be for God's great gift that he has given me, and how I had no hope without him!

To Truly Live
Seeking help, answers, and forgiveness in a harsh world and then finding God.

By Grace I've Been Saved
It is by the Lord grace that we are saved, not the works of our own.

The Promised Bride.
Imagery here is the Church as the veiled Bride of Christ and her journey from the promised bride and through that promise to becoming the unveiled Bride of Christ through His atoning sacrifice and Great Love.

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