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Salvation Poems

Do not tarry. Take a hold of the Lord while he is there to be found for the days of Grace will end one day.

Knock Knock
There was a knock on the old door, but knew not who that knock was for...

Once Upon A Fall
My daughter received an advertisement from a store with the words Once A Fall in bold letters. My mind went another direction, thinking of the fall of mankind, my own experience with sin and what Jesus did to redeem fallen man. God’s love is so real!

The Selfish Choice
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your body could never die? Some think that would be wonderful, unless they think it through! Just because your body can't die, that doesn't mean the Earth or the Universe can't end.

The Word Of The Lord (Sonnet)
My journey with God has always been through the poetry He inspired.

Poetic Testimonial
This poem is based off of my own written testimonial. "For the one who shares in the light of day need not be fearful of the dark." ~ D.B.

The Road To Damascus
A metaphor about the journey from a lost soul to the salvation of Christ.

The Race
A metaphor about the Christian journey, and the competitive nature of man.

The Navigator
A metaphor about letting go and letting God.

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