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Salvation Poems

New Testament
The word triunity refers to the trinity. I use the term wrestling like the apostle Paul does in Eph. 6:12. I use the term asps as in Rom. 3:13, to refer to evil spirits. Covenant and testament have the same meaning as in Heb. 8:13.

Starting Fresh...No Regret
A poem for those who regret their past and hope to find a better way.

The Past Redeemed
The past redeemed by the Lord

He was not Willing
Go out and serve our King!

The Purpose
A poem about finding purpose in the pain.

Love Set Me Free
The salvation story

The Slaughtered Lamb
The poem is long; however, what He has done for us (if listed) is much longer.

By Grace I am Saved
Hi. My name is Lisa (aka "Annie"). The reason that I chose this poem in particular is that God's Grace Alone is my anthem and my salvation.

Jesus Plannd Your Salvation
I am believing for the salvation of my family.

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