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Salvation Poems

Purchased on Golgotha's Cross
Jesus died to save us from our sins and to defeat all evil in our lives, so that we don't have to live in sin's curse.
God's Plan of Salvation
I woke early this morning with the opening lines on my mind and had to write them down before they disappeared. As I wrote them down the framework of the poem developed and I finished it this evening.
by Royston
No Condemnation
One of the great truths that I heard as a new believer was about the tenses of salvation. We have been saved from the punishment of sin, we are being saved from the power of sin, we shall be saved from the presence of sin. That is the theme of this poem.
He Came
The Lord came to and for us
Shelter of Grace
I wrote this poem after reading, He Still Move Stones, by author Max Lucado. This poem, though very familiar to the one of the woman caught in the act of adultery in the Bible, is actually a reflection of my own story of miraculous salvation.
Come to Jesus
Jesus said that anyone who comes to Him will not be cast out. This is a promise upon which we can rest. Regardless of who you are, there is hope in Christ.
Christ is no Partial Savior
The Bible reveals the shocking truth that sinners can be saved by grace alone, without the works of the law. Any attempt on our part to work for God's favor reveals a condition of unbelief.
One Perfect Life
This reminds us that there are many ways that people seek to be righteous in God's sight, but any way other than the cross of Christ leaves people lost in their sin. Only Jesus can save us from our sins and give us the gift of eternal life.
Made Right
Made right by God