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Christmas Poems

The Reason for This Glorious Season
Jesus is the reason for the Christmas Season. It's a to remember a special event - the birth of the Christ-Chlld.

What can I give Him?
Written after singing the words "What can I give Him poor as I am" from a well known Christmas carol

This is a poem that describes the frills and fanciful decorations at Christmas and how we miss the real meaning of the day. As we keep thinking only about the first coming of Christ, we need to get ready for His second coming.

Christmas Inventory finalist in poetry contest
When the festivities fade, what remains?

This poem is about what may have been going through Mary's thoughts at the birth of Jesus, when the wise men came to Bethlehem. The verse is in iambic pentameter. SDG

The First Christmas Gift
Jesus was the first, the only gift, on that first Christmas.

The Ox
A Christmas Poem about the Ox in the cave who witnessed Christ's birth

"The Christmas Poem" finalist in poetry contest
This is my take of the classic Christmas Event that is known worldwide.

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