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Christmas Poems

All The Angels Sang
Everyone loves singing "Deck the Halls." This poem offers more Christ-centered content for that delightful tune. Luke 2:14 — A multitude of the heavenly host praised God singing, “Glory to God in the highest!”
God's Christmas Lamp
The salvation God prepared is a light for revelation to the nations. As the light of the world, Jesus reveals God's good intentions for creation and if we are rebelling against them or responding positively to them
All the Angels Sang
The tune for "Deck the Halls" is fun to sing, but the lyrics which traditionally accompany the tune don't express the Christian's heart. This poem celebrates the Christmas and takes advantage of the familiar sounds of a delightful tune.
Christmas Sonnet 2015
I was thinking about God's promise In Isaiah 9:6-7 that he would send us a special child, and about the special child he sent in the person of my grandson this year. This sonnet is the result of those converging trains of thought.
A Christmas Charity Choice
Christmas is good time of year to help the needy, but God will honor this any time of the year.
Christmas TIme
When you take Christ out of Christmas you have a Hollowday not a holiday!
Christmas' True Meaning
May the true meaning of Christmas rise up in your heart.
Little Baby Jesus
Our Savior is born! Amen and Amen . . .
Jingle Blues
Just for fun!