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Funny Poems

Covid Level Care
I have been thinking much about the efforts applied to stifle this persistent virus. I wondered what that effort might entail applied in other areas of life and ultimately in our relationship with the Lord.

The First Day of School
A motley group of animals are racing toward school -- their very first day!

God Went Fishin' finalist in poetry contest
A light look at the story of Jonah

Redneck Love first in poetry contest
Ever feel trapped??

Kisses for your Mrs.
Wondering what to get my wife for her birthday these thought came to mind. What a gift from God she is to me.

Just One finalist in poetry contest
This fun little poem is about my love of Oreo cookies. Sadly, I can't eat just one . . . .

Heaven's Yard Sale
The old Adam's trash is the new Adam's treasure.

He Said What
A limerick for children and the young at heart.

Humble Pie finalist in poetry contest
Less of me and more of Thee expressed in love to others.

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