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Funny Poems

Kisses for your Mrs.
Wondering what to get my wife for her birthday these thought came to mind. What a gift from God she is to me.

Just One finalist in poetry contest
This fun little poem is about my love of Oreo cookies. Sadly, I can't eat just one . . . .

Heaven's Yard Sale
The old Adam's trash is the new Adam's treasure.

He Said What
A limerick for children and the young at heart.

Humble Pie finalist in poetry contest
Less of me and more of Thee expressed in love to others.

I Chose The Bed Instead
A poem about God’s goodness.

Mothers Day
Wrote this years ago, but still good for truth and laughs.Enjoy it.

Kitchen War finalist in poetry contest
People are a lot like this...

Crazy Praise
We all know that one woman in church who loves to praise a bit more charasmatic than the others. Let's remember we all praise in different ways to honor the Lord.

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