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Funny Poems

What the Heck
As we get older aging and pain present on a daily basis. I had to feel the humor in it all and just say, "What the Heck." I will thank the Lord for every day He gives me, and every bike ride I survive...
Me and Grandpa and our Can of Worms
A humorous child's poem about a boy and his Grandpa and about faith!
The Hammer Comes Down!
A rather humorous poem about fire and brimstone preachers and how to wake those that have fallen asleep in their pews.
Vinegar or Honey? (Which one are you?)
The bible says to tell the truth with love, that the tongue is like the rudder on a ship, and can steer us wrong. Ephesians 6:4 says, "Fathers don't exasperate your children"Though not explicitly christian, this poem comes out of these concepts.
I Ain't What I Was
God loves us too much to leave us the way he found us.
Could Manna Be Grits?
This is a comical poem based on a child's question concerning manna.
The Baby Stork
A whimsical poem about a ob-gyn doc who is lovingly called, "The Baby Stork"...
An Obvious Need
Compare this prayer to the Lord's prayer....
Get REAL !winner of poetry contest
Tattoo's ink smeared everywhere,with piercings by the score -and color-copied rainbow hair,how can we handle more?