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Funny Poems

God Loves the Game of Baseball
Having fun with God and a sport I love.
The Mark of the Obese
Do you like the play on words in this poem. Seriously some christians believe that God has ordained a day when each of us dies. But I wonder if an individual abuses their body then we have stepped out of Gods perfect will. Laugh but think?
I think maybe this one should have gone under the catergory 'Humour'
He Knew
A heart warmimg story about a little boy I met while riding my bike. There is always a lesson if you look for it.
Funny Friends.
Jane Ron and I worked with Cornerstone a Christian Charity based in Birmingham England.Now I have always liked to play with words looking for a laugh. Do you think I achieved that with this poem. Some may need to have a look at the fifth books title.
Patriotic Flu
Someone made a comment on face book that patriotism is a disease and a sickness tearing down freedom. I laughed and asked if I had a patriotic fever. First thing this morning I wrote this poem.
Hey Mr Darwin
My contribution to the Creation /Evolution debate
These Nights Keep Me Sane!
Me and 2 friends ride home from speech club together sometimes, and they inspired me to write this. :-) I love them so much!
The Road
The necessity of believers to die to self.