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Easter Poems

Way of The Cross
A Christian poem of faith.
All Things Christ Suffered
Christ suffered with such royal dignity and compassion, He remained on the cross, forgiving--not only His killers, but every soul who will kneel in surrender to Him. His heroic actions still come from God's own Heart leading us thru life to glory.
Jesus Came To Deliver Us
Jesus Christ was born into this world to redeem souls, through His death on the cross. His willingness to deliver us into an abundant life of love, gives all of mankind hope and peace.
God Raised Him Up
The Resurrection of Christ not only proves that Jesus is who He said that He is, but it also reminds us of the power of God in bringing life out of death. In addition, the resurrection is the proof that Christ's atonement was sufficient to put away sin.
Forgiveness Undeserved
Forgiveness & hope.
A Redemption Reflection
Written this Good Friday morning as I meditate on Love beyond comprehension...The Cross... the place where utter need is met with utter grace
-Rise and Shine- (The Dream)
A dream that awakens a father's heart and his child's, about Easter.....
Hosanna to the King
Mark 11:7-10, No palms, No pain, No cross, No crown.
After Three
Sadly, too many people (and FAR too many Christians), only attend church on certain holiday's. That's primarily what inspired this poem.