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Easter Poems

An Easter Theme
Though Jesus was cruelly beaten and hung on a shameful cross to die, death did not win; He rose again to give me eternal life.
"I'ts All Because of Love"
I was inspired to write this poem out of love for mankind and the Lord.
Onto Jesus ~
God put all my sins onto Jesus.
As I Wandered
It didn't take very long for me to understand...
New Life
Easter Poem
Faith Rises
Takes us up and over our fears!
Final Walk
Exhausted I can hardly crawl and then I drop it as I fall.My shoulder hurts - the pain intense.Everyone stares in awed suspense.
Symphony of Praise
My friend asked me what I hear when I ride my bike. She asked me if I heard God's Symphony. The next day I rode my bike. I listened, and this is what I heard...
Three Days
I wrote this at Easter during the 80s. My husband recorded it in 2006 on Comer Family Easter CD. Today is Easter Sunday 2012.