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Easter Poems

Christ is Risen
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a foundational truth of the Christian faith. Without the resurrection, there would be no gospel and all our hopes would be in vain. Thankfully our hopes are not in vain, and we have a glorious gospel to rejoice in.

The Enigmatic Ride
In Luke 19 Jesus talks about the noble who traveled in order to receive the authority to rule as king. In John 12 Jesus pauses during his procession to mount a donkey. Matthew links the donkey ride to Zechariah’s prophecy. This poem combines the pieces

Son Rise
May everyone see God's glory in the Son rise

The Lord Jesus is risen!

Hasten I to Goodness
The true goodness of God is worthy of our fast and direct focus. Seek Him.

Give Us Barabbas! finalist in poetry contest
Why were the people so angry at Jesus - and wanted Barabbas set free?

Passed Quietly, the Waters By first in poetry contest
Most people just don't get it. A few do.

The Rightful King
Imagine going back with the knowledge you have now and being able to witness Jesus's death and resurrection.

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